Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lars' smile will never be the same again!!!

Well, it's happened. It's finally happened ... Lars, a solid 6 yrs old, glasses wearing, fun-loving boy who is excited to be going into the 2nd grade has, finally, lost his first tooth!

It happened today, 7-29-09 at 1:10pm. He was eating chicken nuggets, watching Inspector Gadget, and messing with his loose bottom middle right tooth when (as he put it), "Crack!"

And then it was gone :(

But the toothfairy has compensated him for his troubles, so all is not lost ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funnies for the day (so far!)

It's just after lunch. I've gotten the kids involved in helping to clean up and work on projects. Lars has the broom. He caused it to stand, completely without help, in the middle of the dining room floor. He starts singing, "I've got the fo-orce, I've got the fo-orce!" How cute is that?

Five minutes earlier (I saved this one for last, cuz of the punchline), Alex was playing with the studfinder, cuz we're going to put up some racks in the garage. He ran it over his hand. It sounded. Alex resounds, "Apparently, I am a stud!" The punchline? I had to explain to him why I was laughing so hard!

Just wanted to share :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our glorious bounty is beginning!!

I just spent the last 5.5 hrs outside, weeding, miracle growing, mowing, trimming roses, roping up the tomatoes, all sorts of stuff.
I'm so excited!!!!

As I was hoisting up the tomatoes (I'm not using cages this year, just to try out another way) I noticed zucchinis ... lots of zucchinis ...

So I started picking stuff ...

Just wanted to share :)

2 bell peppers

4 habeneros

7 'pickable' zucchinis

lots of peas

1 Anaheim chile

and my kids, so you can see how big everything is ;)