Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lars' smile will never be the same again!!!

Well, it's happened. It's finally happened ... Lars, a solid 6 yrs old, glasses wearing, fun-loving boy who is excited to be going into the 2nd grade has, finally, lost his first tooth!

It happened today, 7-29-09 at 1:10pm. He was eating chicken nuggets, watching Inspector Gadget, and messing with his loose bottom middle right tooth when (as he put it), "Crack!"

And then it was gone :(

But the toothfairy has compensated him for his troubles, so all is not lost ;)


Liesl said...

Holy cow, he is so ADORABLE!!!!!! I love his smile with the missing tooth! I can't wait to see everyone this weekend! Woohoo!!!

James and Lauren said...

Hey! July?! You need to update this woman!