Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ok, so this is MY first post to this blog (thanks, Meli, for setting it up).

Happy Halloween everyone! The day ain't over yet, but I've already taken pix of 3 of my kids (Alex goes to a different school and his costume parade happened--of course--at the same time as the other kids') and wanted to share them so far.

Alex and Sylvia are from Gryffindor house, Lars is a fireman, and Daniel is thrilled to be Thomas the tank engine.

The biggest adventure so far is as the kids were parading around, Daniel thought it would be fun to walk with sister Sylvia, so he went off with her while I stayed behind to videotape and take pictures. When the parade seemed over, I went to Sylvia's classroom to recover Daniel. He was there alright, but the parade was only done for the parents. Lars' class came through on their way around the school, so Daniel took off now thinking it would be fun to walk with his brother ... That was the last I saw of him for about 10 minutes. I followed them out (when there was a quick break in the line of children) and Lars was by himself in line. Where had Daniel gone?

I had the office announce he was missing, I enlisted parents to help ... Finally Sylvia showed up with Daniel in her arms, saying one of the teachers had found him in the boys bathroom playing in the water ... I haven't posted a story about Lars' having done that a month ago, but I think I'll need to go back and do that as the day before we decided to put him in the 1st grade Lars did this very same thing! The story is too funny ... Ah, my kids ...


Liesl said...

What a character little Daniel is. Don't trains need water? :) Keep posting more stories!! Love you sis!

5 Feete said...

Too funny!
Congrats on posting. You done good!

Pingela said...

I found your blog and got so excited! It will be fun to follow all the fun your having in Utah. It needs a bit of updating thought ;)